Food and Drink

Enjoy a cocktail with this inaugural issue

I've included commentary on the links below to help you understand why I think they're challenging and interesting. I try to get along with everyone, but I also find myself swimming upstream against conventional wisdom. So, it's in that spirit that I'm going to be sharing the links that inspire me and make me think critically about the world we're responsible for.

On that note, go make a cocktail and enjoy this inaugural issue. I suggest a Negroni, which is equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, stirred and garnished with an orange peel. I like it served up, but on the rocks is fine if you're into that. If you don't drink, you can make a virgin Negroni by pouring water into a cup and drinking that instead—I like to serve this version in one of those free take-home plastic cups from Soul Fish.

Whatever your choice of beverage, do yourself a favor and slow down, read slowly this evening.

JD Graffam